Morning workout: 1, Snooze button: 2 = Let’s Be Real

Have you ever noticed that everyone always shares the best version of themselves in social media? While I understand that to an extent, I find it frustrating that people can’t be honest when things are not going as great as they would like. We live in a world where perfection is king…even though it is so unattainable.

That being said, I will honestly tell you that I did not get up and workout today. I don’t even have any excuses, except I was just not as motivated as I hoped. The rest of the week is out for morning workouts, so I am hoping I can get back into the groove this weekend.

As many of us journey to be the best versions of ourselves, I think it is important to be patient with ourselves. Between what we wear, what we eat, how we act, how we perform, how we make others feel…there are several challenges we face every single day. Even though Facebook and social media says you should be perfectly killing it with all these items, the reality is that we are strong women with a lot on our plate.

Next week is a new week. Instead of drowning in disappointment, I plan to celebrate my victories this week like being really great about sticking to 110g of carbs a day.

For those things that have been more challenging (like waking up and working out for me…):

What are some of your victories this week?