Hello…It’s Me…

It has been quite a while. A 10 month old baby boy, promotion at work, new house while to be exact.

Carbs and I have been on again off again, but back together in full force for the holiday season. They just know all the right things to say this time of year to be irresistible, don’t they?

There was such a long time that went by waiting and hoping for a baby which seemed impossible with PCOS, but after working with a great doctor, maintaining my carb break up pretty consistently, and one successful round of IUI, we found ourselves pregnant with a baby boy.

The pregnancy – not easy. The delivery – emergency c-section. So difficult in fact, I didn’t even know how to articulate it in writing to you for the longest time. But it was all worth it to have my amazing baby boy.

The holidays seem to make you reflect and the New Year seems to make you resolve, so here I am saying there is some news to come in 2019 and I plan to be a lot more open as well as honest in covering some of my experiences like:

    PCOS and infertility
    Pregnancy and pre-diabetes
    Being a working mom

All of these while maintaining a breakup with carbs and celebrating a happy, healthy life. Wishing you and your family the same, now and always.

Now please excuse me while I run to Del Taco.

Weigh-in Wednesday: The Roller Coaster of Weight Loss

The strangest thing to me about working to get a hold of your health is how up and down the scale can be…even when you are working your hardest.


In the last week, I have got back on track with diet (except for a few splurges for the long weekend) and even went to a Cardio Barre class last night. Work made me a little late, but I went in any way and still got in a 45 minute workout (which is well above my 20 minute requirement). Yet today when I weighed myself, I was up a pound from last week.

Even if my scale is going up and down, I am taking a moment to understand the fluctuation which will help me NOT ride the emotional roller coaster (and you shouldn’t either):

  1. Eating Late – I ate dinner much later than usual last night. There has been a big change in schedules and I am not able to do night time workouts. That being said, I am getting home and eating MUCH later than usual (around 9pm) which I know impacted my weigh-in. While I know it is not good to eat so late, the reality of my schedule is that I either eat late with a workout, or don’t workout at all. Sure, sure…I could do a morning workout and bypass this problem, but my class is not early enough in the morning. I have found that even if it isn’t perfect, as long as you are working to be healthy…well, then go YOU.
  2. Working Out – I started working out again. It is a well known fact that muscle weighs more than fat, so with the additional exercise…this could happen.
  3. Too Much Sodium – as I have been working to lower carbs, I have been overcompensating with salt and pepper to season. I absolutely love salt and pepper on veggies, but too much salt is always a bad idea. I remember thinking to myself this week if I should be concerned about how much salt I have had, then told myself with all the water I drink I should be fine. Guess not! All the salt caused more water retention. There is a hormone called aldosterone. More aldosterone = more water retention. When you keep sodium low, the body increases production of aldosterone. So, with already high levels of aldosterone coupled with a flood of sodium, the body holds water like crazy.

In a world where it is impossible to be perfect, I am going to give myself a pass for the pound increase this week and a high five for altering my lifestyle to accommodate exercise. Could I be doing better? Always. But am I doing pretty darn good from where I started? Heck yeah.

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Dear Super Bowl Carbs…

It’s game day. A national day of football, commercials, and carbs. There are many days that I think about getting back together with carbs, but today of all days I am likely to drunk dial this ornery ex.

As someone with Insulin Resistance and PCOS, I really struggle on days like today. Watching people skinnier than me feed their faces with food that I miss all the time on my low carb diet.

Today, I hope this post lets you know you aren’t alone with the struggle…that you are stronger than the struggle…and that you are doing better things for your body by being strong with low carb choices.

Don’t get me wrong. I have had a taquito, a handful of tortilla chips, and orange juice in my mimosa. I am also going to a party later today with a nacho bar. Yes, a nacho bar. I am struggling with my new low carb lifestyle, but am proud of the self control I have had.

Here are some of my tips to stay low carb today. May the force be with you:

Bring your own snacks.

Seriously, this is a game changer. You may have great friends who are mindful of your lifestyle, but you might as well contribute to the party with a cheese plate and/or a veggie tray. Not only will you be helping those around you be healthier, but you will be doing yourself a solid. I guarantee there will be lots of dips…carrots aren’t as delicious as chips, but they do deliver a crunch that can be the vessel for tasty dips. You know I love my cheese…so a cheese plate is always a saving grace.

Eat before the party.

You know what you can eat…and what you love. Before you head out, make yourself a tasty snack or meal that is on your low carb diet. When you are full, it is certainly easier to say no to carbs.

Count your carbs.

Carbs are allowed…just 110g a day per my Endocrinologist. So did I have a mimosa? Of course. Did I partake in the taco bar? Absolutely. Did I pass on the rice and extra chips? You know it! Days like these happen…you just have to ration your carb count.

Sure, I wish the football players and marketing teams who made the commercials luck today…but I wish you luck staying strong on your low carb diet.

Now where’s my cheese plate…