Truth and Thanks – The realities of PCOS and IR 

PCOS and Insulin Resistance have rocked my world. It has been almost a year since diagnosis and I can’t believe how much my life has changed.

For anyone battling a health issue, you can relate to the challenge of preventing said issue from consuming your identity. For me, I have battled mood swings, persistent nausea, vomiting, fatigue…all the things that engulf my life and are impossible to ignore.

Sometimes I feel so frustrated that I can’t get away from these feelings and symptoms. For a short term sickeness or even a diet, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You know that you will get better and all discomforts will be done at some point. I think for me, that’s the hardest part of PCOS and IR – that all this discomfort is permanent and all these lifestyle changes must be permanent as well if I want to stay healthy (and alive).

The human component of fighting a disorder is the part we need to remember. We aren’t machines. We will falter. We will get frustrated. But we can keep fighting.

After a bad stick last night with my Tanzeum that caused a bit of bleeding, after needing to run into the bathroom at work during a meeting to be sick, after being so frustrated that I can’t eat the carbs that everyone around me are eating…I feel discouraged and exhausted. But I know this is what I have been dealt and that I am lucky to be alive. So I am going to keep putting all my energy into finding the positive and being strong. No matter what.

My Carb Breakup has given my strength during the darkest times…times like now. So thank you – thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for your kindness.


13 thoughts on “Truth and Thanks – The realities of PCOS and IR 

  1. So happy I found your blog! You are absolute right. I PCOS and IR, too and it really is a battle. I struggle to accept that this is something that’s life long and the best choices may not be the ones I want to make, but knowing it’s not a lone struggle and that others are going the course too makes it feel not so lonely. Thank YOU for your wonderful blog!

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  2. I suffer from both too and know the daily struggle of food choices. Every time you consider putting something in your mouth you basically need to have a discussion about whether you should be having it. It is frustrating and exhausting (as if we didn’t suffer from fatigue already), but we have to do it.
    When I have my nieces and nephews over I sometimes try and make a game out of it and we talk about food as I make them lunch and what sort of foods we should eat etc. It is sometimes effective, although my 3 year old niece still thinks anyone that eats lettuce is disgusting because it is rabbits food.
    I guess at some point these decisions just become routine though and that’s what we are all trying for right.
    Just to be clear though… Christmas Day doesn’t count right??

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    • It really is just taking it a day at a time and trying to keep everything in moderation. What has helped me most is food journaling and sticking to 110g of carbs a day. As hard as it is, it helps so much to just keep track of what you are doing. The other thing that has helped is finding low carb recipes I love. I hope that helps! I try to share recipes and experiences to help…I hope it helps you! Good luck to you!

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  3. You described how I feel exactly. It is hard to not let it become part of your identity. For me, sometimes, it’s family members who make a big deal out of it at holidays, birthdays etc. They just don’t get how that piece of cake or pie will make me feel and drawing attention to what I’m eating doesn’t help. Like you, I’m finding it truly is one day at a time.

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  4. I can so empathize with you. Keeping our heads straight and finding a way of making/realizing that these things are our “norms” now and forever is hard. But I think you’re well on your way of owning it, or as I like to say, being the master not the slave to the disease. Praying for you 🙂

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  5. Thanks for your amazing blog, and for sharing your inspiring journey! I’m writing this from the lab as they take vials of my sweet blood for glucose testing #reallifevampires.

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