#WeighInWednesday: Rollercoaster Ride

giphyThis last week has been a roller coaster…and not in the fun way. I have been having the hardest time getting into my groove with medication and diet. Maybe it is the fact there are carbs EVERYWHERE at work. Maybe it is the fact Halloween candy is everywhere. Maybe I am feeling extra tired. So many possibilities…all of which lead to a pretty steady relationship with carbs lately. I have had days that have been SO good with what I eat and remembering my medicine. Then there are the days when on my drive into work I realize I forgot my meds. Or I decide I need to eat that Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. And the cracker snack pack. And the bagel. Consistency has definitely not been great for me in the last week.

Despite the roller coaster, I am not up any weight from last week. I am still 4 pounds away from my lowest weight and 22 pounds from my goal weight…but at least I did not gain from last week.

Here is what I did well last week:

  • FOOD JOURNALING – Since I have felt like my carb rendezvous have been quite intense, I have been writing down what I am eating again. I have found food journaling has really helped me get control
  • GOOD CHOICES – I have had a few meals where I have very decisively avoided carbs and chosen something healthier. Even though everyone around me is chowing down on mac and cheese…and fries…and (sigh) you get it.

Here are my opportunities for the coming week:

  • EXERCISE – I still have not found a groove with a workout schedule. I know how important it is…I have nothing more to say except I know I need to be like Nike and JUST DO IT.
  • CONSISTENCY – Most of my life, I have been all about focused bursts of productivity and lulls of…well…not productivity. As a general statement, I need to focus on my consistency – especially with my diet.
  • CHOOSING JOY – I don’t know about you, but in the world of social media, it is so easy to compare. I have been really trying to focus on my blessings and not comparing to others. I am going to work to continually choose joy…and make that choice with a grateful heart.

No matter if you are fighting PCOS, Diabetes, staying on a diet, or just trying to be a functional, productive human…there are ups and downs. It is crucial to understand that and give yourself some breathing room. On this crazy roller coaster, we can learn just as much on the lows if we choose to…so here is to learning and some smooth sailing once I get my groove back.
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6 thoughts on “#WeighInWednesday: Rollercoaster Ride

  1. Aww I love this! Many ppl get super discouraged when they go off track but I really love how you decided to focus on the positives and what you did well and then discussed what you need to work on…that’s so amazing! I wish you all of the luck and I’m looking forward to reading about your journey! 😉

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  2. this is soo true, in my weightwatchers meeting last night we was talking about what makes us throw the towel in and how to overcome it.. any loss is a loss and as long as it’s coming off that’s the main thing. Keeping focused is a must as well.. I love reading other people’s blogs who are in the situation as me and not only reading and writing this is one thing that’s keeping me going.. Good luck 🙂 xx

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  3. Very nice post because the #struggleisreal. On my low-carb lifestyle I have learned to embrace that not eating sugar actually makes me feel better and that’s most important. It took a long time to get there. Also, by always having my ‘weakness’ in sugar-free substitute so I don’t feel like I’m missing out -Dreamfield Low Carb Noodles -Sugar Free Candy for a must-have splurge -veggies in the fridge to grab as a snack -popcorn -chewing gum -flavored water …having things to use in place of feeling deprived always helps being successful! Keep up the good work!

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