Not as easy as I thought – struggling with fatigue and rapid heartbeat, but still staying on track

Going to bed last night I was planning to wake up early and exercise. I was planning to feel great and bounce into the week.

The alarm went off and I was exhausted and felt incredibly nauseated. There was no way I would be getting out of bed to exercise…if I could I wanted to stay in bed all day.

I got myself to work, but have been incredibly tired. To make the day more “fun,” my work computer has been having issues so this day has all around been pretty rough already.

Despite all of this, I am committed to feeling better, so I forced myself to get a low carb lunch:  Albacore tuna, pickles, veggies with ranch, and cheese – tasted pretty good, but I couldn’t finish the cheese. My appetite is significantly smaller with the meds, so this amount was pretty good for me.

Even though I hate taking pills, I forced myself to take my normal meds along with the B-complex vitamin I hate. My doctor told me this vitamin will help with energy and feelings of depression, so even though it is my least favorite medicine, I am working hard to do everything I can to do everything my doctor ordered.

Even though everything I am supposed to be doing is overwhelming, I am so focused on feeling better again. This is certainly not easy, but as one of my dearest friends told me, it will get better. 

I. Won’t. Give. Up.

7 thoughts on “Not as easy as I thought – struggling with fatigue and rapid heartbeat, but still staying on track

  1. You got this! I broke up with carbs and it is the best decision I have ever made health-wise. It was rough the first few weeks through the sugar and habit detox but now I have more energy than ever! AND have lost 40lbs 🙂 Good luck and know that it DOES get easier and better very, very soon.

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  2. Just found your blog today – right after the appointment where my doc handed me a packet of papers titled “PCOS” and sent me to the lab to give up vials and vials of blood. I appreciate all your info and your vulnerable honesty. Having a “carbie” day and then moving forward. I will remember you are here! This doesn’t have to be a lonely situation!

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    • I know how scary that day is when you get the news…your comment made me so happy that my posts have helped you…I am very thankful for this community where we can all share stories and fight PCOS together!


  3. Totally great that you stopped sugar. Be careful of foods that are laced with sugar! Glad you found my blog today about the sugar podcast! Also, if you are very tired that means you may need to increase your fast for energy. Fats can be used instead of glucose to fuel you and it will not use insulin to do so helping also diabetes and glucose sensitivity. Eat healthy fats like natural food fats (including animal fats if you eat meats)! Don’t eat fake fats like margarine… eat nuts and seeds and olives, avocados, etc. They will give you lots of energy, make you feel light and happy and if you hydrate properly also great skin. Hydration is not water! Be careful! I am trying to follow your page but have not yet figured out how to…

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