Thursday Progress: Up 2 pounds, but optimistic for change

When I woke up this morning for my Thursday weigh in, I knew this was going to be a rough week. Between stress and not feeling well, this was certainly not a good week for exercise and low carb eating. As I have said before, this blog is not about a false lifestyle that keeps moving forward perfectly. This blog is about me and the true challenges that I am facing every single day.

Would I have loved to be down this week so I feel extra lovely in my Valentine’s Day dress this weekend? Absolutely. Do I wish that I was not doubled over in pain and able to stay on track? Of course. Do I realize that this is a marathon and sometimes I am going to need a water break? Definitely.

  • To be honest, it is a success that I did not call in sick to work every day this week. The pain has been so intense with cramps and discomfort with nausea that I find it a small miracle that I only missed 1 day of work this week. Success comes in all forms, so this is definitely a win.
  • While this is not a health success per say, I feel like I have been a pretty good friend to those important to me this week. I had a wonderful dinner with a childhood friend last night where we had real conversations about fears, anxieties, and dealing with life. I have a very good friend coming to my house this weekend and I am thrilled about the gift I found for her. A college friend is moving to Europe and I feel like I have been a good support for her as she prepares for this major change. My husband’s birthday is not until June and I already found a perfect gift for him. While these wins are not low carb or fitness related, I feel they bring so much to my life and those around me.

  • Carbs and I definitely got back together this week. In a big way. Pizza, crackers, brown rice pasta, pita chips, rice…it was a love fest for sure. All of this was mostly due to the nausea I have been feeling and the fact that I feel eating carbs really is a floodgate. Once you do it, it’s hard to stop. This weekend will be challenging with lots of celebrations and I know I will do my best…but am also aware that I will slip with food and alcohol as we celebrate a birthday and Valentine’s Day.
  • Exercise did not happen. Since I am calling getting myself to work due to pain I was  having a victory, it is not surprising that I did not pull myself out of bed for 20 minutes of exercise.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. You inspire me to be honest and to stay steady on my journey. Every day is different, especially when faced with a major lifestyle change. Here’s to the journey…

6 thoughts on “Thursday Progress: Up 2 pounds, but optimistic for change

  1. HI. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking something. Your Insulin Resistance sounds like a very serious problem. I wish there were some kind of good advice I could give you. If you were just trying to lose weight, I have lots of great ideas as you could see from my blog. But, clearly you are in need of medical direction. I hope the sickness doesn’t make it too difficult to achieve your weight loss goals. Try to work toward good health and maybe that will quiet the sickness.

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    • You are very welcome! IR and PCOS have been very challenging, but I am working hard to stay positive while embracing my new lifestyle. Fitness is a big part of battling IR and PCOS, so I will absolutely be following your blog for tips and tricks for weight loss. I appreciate your guidance and look forward to future posts!


  2. I’m having a rough week this week as well. I think you looking at parts of your week (even though they aren’t health related) as a success is very important and has encouraged me to do the same. Our weight isn’t the be all end all. Thanks for helping me realize this.

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    • Sorry to hear that you week has been tough, too. There is always a new week, new day, and even new meal to start fresh is how I am trying to approach my new lifestyle. I am really glad to hear that my post helped you see all the other great things you do and are…here’s to strong, beautiful women- inside and out!


  3. Great post! I just had a rough week as well. I just reminded myself to not take the all or nothing approach, and to get back on track as quickly as I can. Good for you and I’m sure you will look fantastic in your vday dress 🙂

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    • The all or nothing approach is such an easy mentality to fall into. I have definitely been working to not thing of a bad meal as a wash for the rest of the day. It is nice to hear I am not alone in this struggle…here’s to strength and feeling confident in dresses!


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