Morning workout: 1, Snooze button: 0 = FITNESS SUCCESS

It happened. It really happened. THE SNOOZE BUTTON GOT SCHOOLED BY A MORNING WORKOUT! I appreciate all the support and accountability you all have given me…it honestly is making me a healthier, happier person.

Since my Endocrinologist only prescribes 20 minutes of exercise a day to get started, I bought myself an awesome stepper:

Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper with Handle Bar
by Sunny Health & Fitness

  • Twist stepper workout machine with handlebar and multi-function LCD computer
  • Twist action works and tones your bum and leg muscles with reduced bone/joint pressure (good for me because sore joints are a side effect I endure from Insulin Resistance and PCOS)
  • Computer functions include: time, calories, scan, and count
  • Adjustable stepping height; handle bar for balance
  • Very small footprint and lightweight making it easy to store

It was a great start and I am feeling very accomplished! Today was a great day at work…I think it has a lot to do with a great start to the morning! I will admit, now that we are into the evening I am EXHAUSTED. Even right after the workout, my pups tried to lure me back to bed as you can see from this photo…but I was strong:

Cute pups trying to lure me back to bed

Here are some of the tips I tried that worked great for me:

Laying out my clothes the night before 

By doing this, I really was mentally prepared for the harsh reality of the alarm. It also made getting ready much, much easier.

Making my bed right away

It isn’t quite as easy to go back to bed if it is made!

A burst of sunlight

The morning hours really are beautiful. By opening up the blinds, the sunshine really woke me up in a lovely way…I felt like I was getting a great head start to the day.


This was ready to go thanks to Keurig almost instantly after I was up. I will admit that I had to up the coffee intake today, but it was nice to start the morning with that jolt of java.

Now let’s see if I can make this work again tomorrow…

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